“Historical Ignorance” Guides Secession Debate Says Walter Williams

This is a great column length explanation for why states have a right to secede. It hits all the high points.


Paul Gottfried on the Confederate Battle Flag

Paul Gottfried has a good article up at Unz.com on the Confederate Battle Flag. You should check it out.

The most interesting aspect of the war against Confederate symbols is not its predictable backing from black activist groups or the leftist media or members of the Rainbow Coalition. Those are the sources of support one would expect to find in this campaign. Far more striking is the overwhelming, effusive help that is coming from elements of what is imagined to be the conservative movement. Whether we look at the Murdoch media, listen to Republican office-holders throughout the South, or read statements prepared for our capitalist CEOs, the message is hardly different from that of black civil rights activists and organizational heads. Not at all surprising is the evidence of the usual Republican game of triangulating, which takes the form of doing anything to win groups on the left while assuming that what there is of a Right will stay with the GOP. Unfortunately, this game has done very well among Southern whites, who continue to vote overwhelmingly for any so-called moderate the party throws at them, whether McCain, W, or Lindsey Graham.

One benefit of posting links at this blog is that it will help me remember helpful links as I write the book. 🙂

Keep Her Flying: A Defense of the Confederate Battle Flag

Yesterday I posted this on Facebook. So far it has gotten a lot of likes and comments:

The events of the past couple of weeks have inspired me to write a book in defense of the Confederate Battle Flag. I keep seeing and having the same debates over and over again, so it occurs to me that someone should record these common arguments in a handy form for use by our side. I’m announcing this publicly in order to keep my feet to the fire and avoid procrastination. More to come.

The tentative title of my book is Keep Her Flying: A Defense of the Confederate Battle Flag.

I posted this on Facebook mainly to force my hand. Now I have no choice but to produce a book. And now I have taken the next step and created a stand alone blog for my book. I have also set up an email account specifically for the book.


I will be periodically posting to this blog with updates on my progress, and then once the book is published, I will use it for promotional purposes. Also, in order to build some traffic, I will be posting some other blog entries related to the defense of the Confederate Battle Flag.

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